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PHAI Board Member Ben Kelley on Safety Implications of Autonomous Vehicles

Ben Kelley, a leading authority on automotive safety, is a member or the Board of Director for the Public Health Advocacy Institute.  Recently he published a scholarly article and op-ed discussing the safety implications of autonomous, i.e., “self-driving,” vehicles.

The article appeared in the Journal of Public Health Policy.  JPHP is co-published by another of our board members, Anthony Robbins.  The article examines key safety issues in long transformation to autonomous vehicles.

The op-ed appeared in the excellent investigative journalism site, FairWarning.org and, in a shorter form, in the Oregonian. It considers the impact of Trump Administration policies that may impact the safety of autonomous vehicles.

PHAI Board Member, Ben Kelley, Publishes Powerful Op-ed on GM’s Apologies

Ben Kelley

One of the Public Health Advocacy Institute’s founding board members, Ben Kelley, is a longtime auto safety expert with considerable experience with the issue from both in and outside  of government.  He has just published an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times (and Fair Warning) that benefits from his long memory of General Motors’ apologies and promises made to Congress over nearly a 50-year span.  It  puts GM’s failure to recall its defective ignition systems in a new and especially unflattering light.  It also describes the difference in regulatory interest from Congress in 2014 as compared to 1966.