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End of Year Appeal

December 27th, 2017

This year, PHAI continued moving cases against Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds to trial, went to court to tell Coca-Cola and the American Beverage Association to be honest about the link between sugar drink consumption and disease, and have been working on a number of other potential lawsuits with a public health impact.

We provided help to communities seeking to adopt and implement tobacco prevention policies, promoted smoke-free housing policies, and are working to disseminate the Tobacco-Free Generation approach to phase out tobacco sales entirely over time.

We created and curate a new web-based database of all of the tobacco prevention secondary literature that allows advocates to quickly find current resources and evidence on a range of tobacco prevention topics vital to policy making.

Most recently, we published a report on state policies to help get drinking water to children in schools and childcare centers.

PHAI administers the Violence Transformed project which uses a variety of trauma-informed approaches to utilize art creation and expression as a means to reduce the impact of violence in the community. We are currently collaborating with others on a project that is exploring the role that this approach might have in the context of housing insecurity in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

We also continue to administer the Beyond OSHA project that works to improve the health and safety of some of the most vulnerable workers in the U.S..

In short, we continue to work our hardest to develop and implement “big ideas for advancing public health and social justice.”  We are not afraid to take on the big corporations that profit at a tremendous cost to public health and develop new approaches to make a healthier world.

We do this without the benefit of any huge grants or contracts or gifts.  While some of our income derives from fee for service work, much of our work is funded only through donations to PHAI from individuals who are passionate about public health.

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