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Dec. Issue of Atlantic: PHAI’s Daynard and Friedman Comment in Powerful Gambling Addiction Article

In a powerful long form article by by John Rosengren covers the impact of gambling addiction and the predatory casino industry.  The article, entitled “How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts,” details the ways that electronic gambling machines, like slot machines, along with outrageously predatory tactics used by casinos to bait problem gamblers, combine to destroy the lives of gamblers and their families.

The well-written and deeply researched piece quotes Northeastern University Distinguished Professor of Law and PHAI President, Richard A. Daynard along with PHAI Senior Staff Attorney Lissy Friedman .

Gambling is a public health issue that causes or exacerbates psychiatric disorders, alcoholism, and substance abuse.  Addicted gamblers are at dramatically increased risk for suicide and may steal to continue gambling.  Casinos do not deliver on the economic promises they make and often contribute to economic problems at the community level. PHAI seeks to use legal and policy measures to reduce the public health impact of predatory gambling.