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Beyond OSHA

Workers’ Right to a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Thanks to t grant support from the Public Welfare Foundation since 2010, PHAI has administered an innovative program to learn how we can better protect our workers.  The goal of the program is to enlist experts and advocates to help workers to understand and advocate for their rights to health and safety in the workplace.  We also collaborate with  programs that are in regular contact with workers seeking help such as workers’ centers, legal services clinics, health centers, state and local government offices, and others.

Celeste Monforton, DrPH, directs the project, and Anthony Robbins, MD, a PHAI board member, serves as Principal Investigator. Beyond OSHA has grown out of a predecessor project, Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy (SKAPP) that studied issues of science and the law. Monforton, Robbins, and Daniel Givelber–also a PHAI board member–contributed to SKAPP, which received grant funding from the Public Welfare Foundation.

The Pump Handle, a very active public health and worker safety blog written and edited by Celeste Monforton and Kim Krisberg, is also be supported by the grant.


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