Tobacco Control

Tobacco Control Resource Center (TCRC)

The Tobacco Control Resource Center (TCRC) was founded in 1979 by doctors, academics, and attorneys. It is an umbrella organization that implements tobacco control projects. These projects are funded through grants from institutions such as the National Cancer Institute, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Legacy Foundation and other key organizations. Through these grants, TCRC is able to work with tobacco control professionals to combat the appalling strategies used by the tobacco industry to debilitate public health.

TCRC pioneers creative tobacco control measures and is continually engaged in analyzing and drafting legislation locally, nationally, and internationally. TCRC works closely with tobacco control advocates, policy makers and attorneys to ensure that new regulations will withstand challenges from the tobacco industry. One of TCRC’s major contributions to the public health arena is the Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP), which uses litigation against the tobacco industry as a public health strategy.

In 2006, TCRC and the Public Health Advocacy Institute entered into a merger.

Soon, we will begin importing the archives of the TCRC website here. Now, much that archival material can be searched from here.