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Tobacco Litigation


The Center is working with the families of ailing and deceased smokers to identify and pursue new tobacco litigation in Massachusetts. In 2013, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that cigarettes met the definition of a “defective and unreasonably dangerous” product, clearing the path for lawsuits directly aimed at manufacturers and distributors of cigarettes, and a $79 million settlement.

PHAI has put together a team of accomplished trial lawyers to help us pursue cases of smokers who have been harmed.  The team is so accomplished it has been dubbed “The Dream Team” by Massachusetts’ leading legal publication [requires subscription, PDF: ‘Dream team’ set to tackle tobacco cases _ Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly]

Improving public health policies through litigation works. When these lawsuits are brought forward, tobacco companies are often painted as corporations selling a knowingly harmful product, and others are deterred from smoking.

If your family has been harmed by smoking and you would like to confidentially discuss your case with one of our attorneys, please call us at 888-991-8728 or complete this form.

The Center for Public Health Litigation will evaluate your individual circumstances to determine if we can help. All consultations are free, but we cannot guarantee that we can take on your case on an individual basis.

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