Deceptive Tanning Ads

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Research has proven that unprotected exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer and other significant health problems.

Tanning salons use those same ultraviolet rays in their tanning beds but claim that “Tanning is Healthy for You . . . REALLY.” Another salon claims in its ads that tanning “Protects Against Cancer,” and also implies that the TV Show “The Doctors” recommends tanning.  In fact, “The Doctors” have produced a PSA against tanning.


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Congressional Research

Salons Deceive Fair-skinned Teens

A 2012 secret-shopper study by House Democratic staffers found that tanning salon employees routinely lied about the risks of indoor tanning, and frequently provided misleading information suggesting that tanning had health benefits.

  • 300 Salons were called by staffers posing at 16-year-old females
  • 90% of salons said tanning had no health risks
  • 51% of salons denied a connection between indoor tanning and skin cancer
  • 25% of salons made health claims that indoor tanning could cure or prevent diseases

Has your teen been led to believe that “tanning is healthy”?  You can help stop these misleading ads even if your child has not yet been hurt by tanning. Please call us at 888-991-8728 or fill out the form below, and one of our attorneys will call you to confidentially discuss your case.

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