Journal of Public Health Policy issues Call for Papers on changing food industry behavior

The Journal of Public Health Policy’s Co-Editor, Anthony Robbins and Editorial Board Member and Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition at NYU, Marion Nestle, have recently issued a Call for Papers for the Journal in an editorial entitled: Obesity as collateral damage: A call for papers on the Obesity Epidemic.

We at PHAI encourage colleagues in the field of public health law to respond to this Call.  The editorial concludes with this thought-provoking question:  “Does the industry need to overfeed the population to remain profitable?”

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About Mark Gottlieb

Mark Gottlieb joined the staff of the Public Health Advocacy Institute in 1993 after graduating from Northeastern University School of Law. His efforts have focused on researching tobacco litigation as a public health strategy as director of the Tobacco Products Liability Project, reducing the harm caused by secondhand tobacco smoke through a variety of legal and policy approaches, fostering scholarship using tobacco industry documents, and, more recently, examining legal and policy approaches to address obesity. He is the Executive Director of the Institute and lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and three children.