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PHAI Publishes Issue Briefs on Tobacco Industry’s Corporate Makeover

May 8th, 2009


The Public Health Advocacy Institute, supported by the American Legacy Foundation, has completed a year of research on the tobacco industry’s attempted corporate makeover, and has created five issue briefs on the topic.  A 60 minute Webinar was broadcast on May 11, 2009 and is archived HERE.  They highlight various aspects of the tobacco industry’s use of corporate social responsibility rhetoric and tactics to attempt to rehabilitate its image and fend off tobacco control activism.  These briefs each contain issues, the evidence and possible messages for State Tobacco Control Programs to use in their interventions and counter-marketing campaigns, and to generate support for future interventions.  The issue briefs can be used effectively to denormalize the tobacco companies and better understand the motives behind their corporate makeover attempts.

Issue Brief Topics:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility Overview
  2. Manipulating Science
  3. Manipulating the Press
  4. Manipulating the Public and Regulators
  5. Youth Smoking

All briefs are in PDF format. get_adobe_reader1

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