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PHAI Publishes Presentation Slides from Fifth Conference on Public Health, Law and Obesity

October 16th, 2008

Conference Audience

The Public Health Advocacy Institute held its Fifth Conference on Public Health, Law, and Obesity on September 19-21, 2008.  It was entitled “A Time for Action: An Obesity Agenda for the Next Administration” and was co-sponsored by Public Health Law and Policy.

Many of the speakers have permitted us to release the slides they presented to the conference attendees.  In the list of panel topics and speakers below, click on the links to that speaker’s slides.  Note that you must have a “PDF” reader in order to view these slides.

Overview of the Public Health/Nutrition Picture:

Overview of the Legal and Policy Picture:

Overview of Important Disparity Issues:

Presidential Candidates’ Statements on Obesity and Discussion

Economic and Social Aspects of Dietary Behavior: Discussion of adjusting social norms about food choice and consumption through changing cultural norms, and pricing strategies.

Federal Food/Nutrition Initiatives and Implications for Food Reform: Discussion of the recently reauthorized Farm Bill, including strategies to adjust the NSLP and implementation and future reauthorizations to address the obesity. Included will be a Q&A on nutrition standards and food system options.

Marketing: Examination of food marketing and potential regulatory strategies both in the US and abroad.

Menu Labeling: Effective Menu Labeling Strategies from both the East and West Coast.

Physical Activity and the Transportation Bill Reauthorization: Policy issues and solutions to increasing physical activity in children and adults through transportation policy, zoning, school policy adjustments, and regulation.

Policy Implications of Childhood and Adult Obesity: Allocating policy focus between childhood and adult obesity.

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