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Professional Staff

banthinChristopher Banthin, J.D.
Director, TCRC/Senior Staff Attorney

As the Program Director of the Tobacco Control Resource Center, Mr. Banthin oversees tobacco research and policy development projects at the Public Health Advocacy Institute.  Mr. Banthin was previously the Deputy Director of the Tobacco Control Resource Center before its merger with the Public Health Advocacy Institute in 2006.  He has authored several articles and presented at conferences around the country on tobacco control and public health law.  Mr. Banthin directs work on numerous research grants and contracts.  He advises municipalities, state and federal lawmakers and nongovernmental public health organizations.  He was an expert consultant to the United State Department of Justice in its lawsuit against the leading cigarettes manufacturers.  Mr. Banthin’s appellate law practice is largely focused on defending public health laws from legal challenges.


daynardcropRichard A. Daynard, J.D., Ph.D.

Richard A. Daynard holds a J.D. from the Harvard Law School, an M.A. in Sociology from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from M.I.T. in Urban Studies and Planning (specializing in Law and Social Policy).  He is a University Distinguished Professor of Law at Northeastern University, where he has been teaching since 1969.  Professor Daynard has played key roles with a number or organizations devoted to combating the epidemics caused by tobacco and, more recently, obesity. These include serving as the President of the Public Health Advocacy Institute; Chair of the Tobacco Products Liability Project; and Chair of the Law and Obesity Project.  He has published over 80 articles, appeared in or been interviewed by major international media programs, and spoken on these issues in over 30 countries.


friedmanLissy C. Friedman, J.D.
Senior Staff Attorney

Lissy Friedman holds a J.D. cum laude from Suffolk University Law School in Boston, MA and a BA in Political Science magna cum laude from Boston University in Boston, MA.  She is currently studying the tobacco industry’s use of corporate social responsibility rhetoric and tactics to improve its image.  Ms. Friedman has published numerous peer-reviewed and law review articles and is a frequent presenter at national tobacco control and public health conferences.


Mark Gottlieb, J.D.
Executive Director

Mark Gottlieb  joined the staff of the Public Health Advocacy Institute in 1993 after graduating from Northeastern University School of Law.  His efforts have focused on researching tobacco litigation as a public health strategy as director of the Tobacco Products Liability Project, reducing the harm caused by secondhand tobacco smoke through a variety of legal and policy approaches, fostering scholarship using tobacco industry documents, and, more recently, examining legal and policy approaches to address obesity.  Mark is an adjunct professor at Northeastern University School of Law where he teaches and operates the Public Health Legal Clinic.  He is the Executive Director of the Institute and lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and three children. Some of his publications can be viewed here.


Andrew Rainer, J.D.
Litigation Director
Director, Center for Public Health Litigation

Andrew Rainer serves as PHAI’s Litigation Director, and Director of PHAI’s new litigation project, The Center for Public Health Litigation.  Mr. Rainer brings to PHAI over 30 years of experience as a lawyer and litigator, having worked previously both as a prosecutor and as a civil trial lawyer.  Immediately prior to joining PHAI in 2014, Mr. Rainer served as Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the Massachusetts Environmental Strike Force, where he oversaw the investigation and prosecution of environmental crimes as well as a number of important public health cases.  Mr. Rainer has also served as an Assistant District Attorney, a partner in two Boston law firms, and as Counsel to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.  An AV-rated lawyer and a Massachusetts Superlawyer, he has tried dozens of cases to verdict and negotiated numerous public impact settlements.  Mr. Rainer is also a frequent presenter at environmental, public health, and trial advocacy programs.


swedaEd Sweda, Jr., J.D.
Senior Attorney

Edward L. Sweda, Jr., is Senior Attorney for the Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP), a project of PHAI.   Having been active in tobacco control since 1979 with a particular focus on the legislative and litigation aspects of public policy, Mr. Sweda has worked to promote tobacco litigation and thereby force tobacco companies to bear legal and financial responsibility for the harm caused by the intended use of their products.  Articles authored or co-authored by Mr. Sweda have appeared in Trial Magazine, the European Journal of Public Health, Indoor Pollution Law Report, the British Medical Bulletin, Tobacco Control and the New York State Journal of Medicine.

Key Project Consultants


Greg Connolly, DMD, MPH, conducts research on tobacco product design, reduced risk tobacco products, global tobacco issues, efficacy of tobacco control interventions and the structure and marketing practices of the tobacco industry. Dr. Connolly is the principle investigator on three research projects through Northeastern University where he is a Research Professor with a joint appointment from the School of Law and Bouvé College of Health Sciences.  Dr. Connolly has been at the forefront of tobacco control science and public health advocacy for decades.  His leadership has shaped tobacco control policy in Massachusetts as the former director of its tobacco control program, nationally as a key voice on tobacco issues with Congress and the FDA, and internationally as moving force in global tobacco control efforts.  Dr. Connolly has long served on PHAI’s Board of Directors.



Celeste Monforton, DrPH, MPH, an expert on worker health and safety policy, spent a decade working for the US Department of Labor, served on the team investigating the Sago Mine Disaster for the State of West Virginia, and is currently on the independent team investigating the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster. She directs the Beyond OSHA project.




Anthony Robbins, MD, MPA, a founder of PHAI, is Professor of Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine and Co-editor, Journal of Public Health Policy. He has been a faculty member at McGill, the University of Vermont, Dartmouth, the University of Colorado, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and Boston University.  He has directed the Vermont Department of Health, the Colorado Department of Health, the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the US National Vaccine Program. At the full House Energy and Commerce Committee, he was the professional staff member for health.  In 1981, he was elected President of the American Public Health Association.  For five years he edited Public Health Reports, the scientific journal of the US Public Health Service, before moving to Tufts.  From 2001 to 2010 he was a member of the steering committee for the project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy (SKAPP).  He serves as Principal Investigator for the Beyond OSHA project and on PHAI’s board of directors.


rangita_thumbRangita de Silva-de Alwis, S.J.D.,  serves as the senior consultant for international programs for PHAI.  Working with Professor Daynard, Rangita has developed a human rights-based approach to tobacco control that builds synergy between between tobacco control and human rights non-governmental organizations and has conducted programs in over 20 countries.



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