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History of PHAI


The Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) , as we are now known as, was founded in 1979 as the Clean Indoor Air Educational Foundation when our focus was primarily to protect the health of non-smokers from tobacco smoke exposure.   In 1992, we changed our name to the Tobacco Control Resource Center to reflect our expanded research and advocacy focus on tobacco litigation as a public health strategy through our Tobacco Products Liability Project and broader efforts to use law and policy to reduce the public health impact of tobacco industry products.

By the beginning of the new millennium, our research and advocacy portfolio expanded to include legal approaches to prevent obesity as well as some work focusing on injury reduction.  In 2006,  we merged with our sibling organization, the Public Health Advocacy Institute, and adopted that name to better reflect our overall mission  to improve the understanding, commitment and effectiveness of policymakers and lawyers in protecting the public health.

PHAI brings its combined decades of experience in public health and law to bear on current issues in public health.


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