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Updated October 31, 2014

PHAI’s Center for Public Health Litigation Launches Ad Campaign Seeking Cigarette Industry Victims

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  1. Copycat Snacks Undermine School Nutrition
  2. PHAI’s Gottlieb Calls Out FDA and White House for Failing to Aggressively Implement the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act
  3. PHAI’s Gottlieb and Wilking Co-author study in JAMA Pediatrics Showing that Fast Food Giants Confuse and Deceive Kids
  4. Historic $79 Million Cigarette Settlement Signifies Beginning of Wave of Tobacco Cases in Massachusetts
  5. New study finds McDonald’s and Burger King responsible for 99% of fast-food television ads for kids, suggests industry’s efforts to self-regulate its marketing practices are ineffective
  6. PHAI publishes new resource:;
  7. PHAI has created an FDA Tobacco Litigation Tracker to follow legal challenges to FDA’s authority to regulate tobacco products.;
  8. PHAI’s Daynard Maps Bold Endgame for Smoking in United States in NY Times Op-Ed.

PHAI Begins Legal Action against Star Markets Over Illegal Lottery Ticket Sales To Minors 

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