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Updated January 5, 2017

PHAI Lawsuit Against Coca-Cola and
American Beverage Association no 
Laughing Matter

Recent posts of note:

  1. No More Heart Health Valentines from Coke – PHAI Investigates Coke’s “Heart Health” Funding
  2. Are Daily Fantasy Sports Illegal Gambling in Massachusetts?
  3. PHAI Submits Comments on Proposed Fantasy Sports Regulations in MA
  4. PHAI Urges HUD to Expand Proposed Smoke-free Public Housing Rule to All HUD-Funded Housing
  5. Coke Struggles to Balance Funding of Favorable Science, Ethical Commitments to Transparency, and a Goal of Transforming the Debate Over Soda and Health
  6. PHAI’s Chris Banthin Quoted in Boston Globe Article on Smokefree Homes
  7. PHAI’s Center for Public Health Litigation Featured in Boston Globe Article
  8. New PHAI study in AJPH focuses on the tobacco industry’s use of personal responsibility rhetoric, how its legal defense strategies inform its public relations messaging
  9. PHAI Takes Cigarette Companies to Court
  10. PHAI’s Gottlieb and Wilking Co-author study in JAMA Pediatrics Showing that Fast Food Giants Confuse and Deceive Kids
  11. Historic $79 Million Cigarette Settlement Signifies Beginning of Wave of Tobacco Cases in Massachusetts
  12. PHAI publishes new resource:;


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